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Hand Made bassoon reeds

To order (minimum order two reeds please) just click on "buy this item" next to the picure below. Fill in your requirements and let me know what make of bassoon you play on as well as the make and length of the crook you use in the Instructions/Comments field. Even if you have done this before always enter this information as it saves hours of digging through emails.


As I am going to be busy playing over the summer and as a few of you have already asked me if I am going to be doing the “summer special” I have decided to get on with it.

Order any four bassoon reeds and get the fifth free.

Just type “summer special” in the info section.

But this offer has a few exciting twists and turns to it and includes some items not previously promoted. 

I have several hundred reeds that need final adjustment that I have not had time to work on - instead I have had new batches that I have cherry picked the ones that work immediately and sent these out to you. I am offering these for sale as below.

Also I have boxes where the reeds need more work than just a quick scrape and wires adjusting and have a lot of cane left on them. These are not useless - just time consuming for me, and time is my least available commodity. For those of you with some basic adjusting knowledge and access to my YouTube videos feel free to get a pile of these.

So the extended offer is:

1. Buy any four bassoon reeds and get the fifth free.
2. Buy ten bassoon reeds and get three extra free. First ten orders in UK will get the Tom Hardy Bassoon Reeds presentation boxes with the bassoon logo.
3. Choose to buy unfinished reeds that need a few minutes adjustment and buy four and receive eight!
4. Choose to receive reeds that didn’t make the grade to be sent out straight away (slight uneven look or other small defects) - buy 4 and receive 12!
5. Teachers who need a volume of reeds for pupils please contact me for us to work out what works best for you.

Playing the bassoon is so much more fun when you have a good reed. I have spent many years perfecting reed making to produce reeds that I enjoy playing on personally and over the last five years I have found others like them a lot too! I currently make bassoon reeds for many professional players as well as for amateurs and students all around the world. The order system will let you order with Paypal. Please note you do not need a Paypal account to use this service as it also lets you use a debit or credit card. For tips and tricks visit the Facebook page and make sure you "like" it.  For those without Facebook I also post the videos on Youtube. which you can subscribe to.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery as I make reeds in batches and stages and allow them to settle and thus delivery time will vary. If you need reeds urgently let me know and I will try to help.

You will get a Paypal notification when the reeds are posted - please keep an eye out for this and let me know when the reeds arrive.


"The reeds are great, thanks! They really match what I was looking for and give me renewed confidence in being able to find decent reeds! I recently played in a concert including Firebird and Mozart D minor Piano Concerto at The Cadogan Hall and they worked a treat. Will certainly be ordering from you again. Many thanks. E.B."

"Thanks so much for prompt delivery and excellent selection - I've never been able to play a reed straight from the box before :-) Every single note seems to be in tune (not something I'm used to on a Puchner!) Very happy indeed. R.L.

"Received the reeds and tried them out – never had such luck trying them straight out of the box before! I’m going to set about playing them in of course, but thank you so much – these reeds are really wonderful. Will definitely be coming to you in the future!" J.B.

"Thanks for the four reeds. They are wonderful! I have not contacted you before this since I wanted to let them play in a bit. All of them produce a lovely rich sound, and even though they are free blowing, the upper register is clear and stable." Lewis Lipnick, National Symphony Orchestra, Washington.


Hand made bassoon reeds

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