Welcome to my website for all things bassoon, contra bassoon, bassoon reed and music related.

With the magic of the Internet and the madness of Facebook and Twitter I thought I would secure a small piece of cyberspace for the world of the bassoon to try and collect together useful information that has taken years to accumulate and to share it with those who are interested.

If you are interested in bassoon reeds then click here

There is also a Facebook page for Reeds and a Youtube Channel 

There is also a blog for wondrous oon related things that I come across.

And don't miss Reed Rage - the bassoon quartet the world has been waiting for! 

Meanwhile there is a short Radio 4 interview "The Bassoon Saved" with me from 9th August 2015 linked  here where I am put on the spot to help in the campaign to get more young people playing the bassoon. 

Pictured here is my pre-war Mollenhauer bassoon. I now play a brand new Leitzinger bassoon and a 25 year old Mollenhauer contra bassoon.

Best wishes,

Tom Hardy